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BrutSkvorky (Brutal go-moku)
Copyright (c) 2004 Mlat software
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What the f...?

BrutSkvorky ("Brutal go-moku" ;-)) is an innovative variant of "go-moku" (tic-tac-toe) game. The author of the original idea is Miroslav Sommer (Aim/Mlat) who was playing classical go-moku game on squared paper with his classmate Roman Nepšinský (Mem/Mlat) and had thought up more interesting game rules.

Game rules

In this table you can find basic differences between game rules of "go-moku" and "BrutSkvorky (Brutal go-moku)":
Go-moku BrutSkvorky (Brutal go-moku)
Each player places his one symbol (cross or nought) on the squared board Each player places four symbols at once (two his, two of his opponent), which together shape 2x2 square
The player who places 5 of his symbols in line wins The player who places 7 of his symbols in line wins


We wrote the very first computer implementation in 2002. But afterward we had lost our initial enthusiasm so the work was suspended until half of 2004 when we contacted graphic artist Jiří Zima who had made all required graphics (in-game, animations, menu, ...) so our opuscule was finally done ;-).


Menu and in-game:
BS - menu BS - game


Minimal: CPU 400 MHz, 32MB RAM, graphics card 16MB; Windows 95, DirectX 7
Recommended: CPU 1 GHz, 64MB RAM, graphics card 32MB; Windows 2000


Executable bi-lingual (English/Czech) installation (4.2MB): BS_install.exe (version 1.0 build 041102)
In the game you can switch language of texts - English, Czech, Slovak.


Original idea Miroslav Sommer aka Aim/Mlat
Code, Sfx Roman Nepsinsky aka Mem/Mlat
Gfx Jiri Zima